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with AI generated recipes!

Discover new recipes by following users with similar tastes and nutritional goals 🎉.

Focus on your core meals

Keep all your favorite recipes in one place so you can easily shop for their ingredients, follow the cooking directions, and track how many times you made your favorites.

Record your meals

Tracking your meals allows you and your followers to easily see the recipes you make most often.

Easily add recipes

Adding recipes is quick and easy. Add your favorites and give them a custom url so others can find them.

Build menus

Take control of your dinner routine. Create menus to easily shop for a weeks worth of ingredients in one go.

Discover new recipes

Discover recipes the old fashioned way, by taking recommendations from people you trust; or at least those who share your taste preferences.

Follow others with similar tastes

See who has been cooking the same recipes and follow them to stay informed about all their future meals.

See the recipes people actually make

What recipes do successful Keto practitioners come back to week after week? What do other busy parents cook on a random weeknight?

Save favorites to your cookbook

Mealpractice allows you to view the dishes people are actually making and incorporate them into your own practice.

Ready to dive in?

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